A Dish Best Served Cold

Illustration by Harry Clarke

That day I saw you. Damn! The sun was hot. But you were hotter. A mirage, I thought you were. Your face. My brain had memorized. From childhood days when my eyes were permanently glued to the television. OMG! I bit my lips to stop myself from screaming. Are you that actor or are you the perfect doppelgänger? Then I realized you were the former. I walked towards my office. Pretending not to care. But my insides were shaking. Your rayban-ned countenance, in my head kept on popping. I had to stopped what I was doing. Funny, red, the color of your polo shirt how vividly I remembered.

Later we were introduced. I learned that we were assigned to work together. I stifled a shiver. Sandra, the office slut already hanging around your ankle. I feigned indifference. But really my heart was racing. You smiled. Oh boy. Was that a cruel joke of fate. A dream granted. A dream taken away.

You pursued me and we were like a cat and a mouse in chase. I was scared. Some dreams don’t come true I knew for sure. Besides I was committed to another. But you were relentless and we were ever constantly thrown together. How much can my heart resists? You were funny. You were kind. I should have know better. I’ve fallen hard. I feared of hurting another.

One night I asked you if we could meet. Something important, I have to tell you. It was dark and it was raining. On a bench in a park we held hand as we were sitting. Our clothes were wet but we did not care. Our emotions we laid bare. ” I’m getting married soon.” I told you. A sad smile you gave me. You leaned forward. Our lips touched briefly. I drew a long sigh. My heart twisting inside. “Is there nothing you can do?” you asked. I shook my head. “The wedding’s been planned much before I have met you.”

You took me to your house and led me to your room. You peeled my wet clothes and touched me as if I was a bride and you the groom. I sink deeper into love as you plung me in ecstasy. Then you whisperd ‘ You are so beautiful, my honey.’ I shivered in your arms. And you pulled me close to you. The sky continued to weep. So we held each other until we fell asleep. I woke up when the rain abated. ” I love you.” Three fatal words from my lips escaped. You stirred. And reached for me. A passionate kiss and a tight embrace we shared. In my memory I could not erased. Though now I can recall. I love you too, I thought you said but never did. How foolish was I. So enthralled. So mystified. You made me fall. And fell I did. But that was just your game. You did not feel the same.

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