Pretty Young Things


Cherry lips, supple skin and shiny hair, all young girls look like super models to me.

*One of these lovely girls is the daughter of a close friends. Pencil and watercolor sketch for my childhood painting series.

The Naughty Puppy


A page from the book. 🙂

If you want to publish a paper back copy of my book please mail me at If you want me to illustrate for you, you can hire me at Odesk. I have an account over there.

-JMKhapra copyright 2013

My Upcoming Children’s Book On Amazon Kindle

20130913-102520.jpgI am planning to publish a children’s book on Amazon Kindle very soon. It is a book about Babar’s adventures. If I have time, I will make it a series. The first one I am going to upload is about the hullaballoo in the garden with the ladies who came to tea. Here are some sketches for that book. I have painted about 8 pages already and 12 pages more are left. Wish me luck!
If you want to publish a paperback edition of my book please mail me at But as soon as I upload it on Amazon I can no longer give the rights to you. I will probably publish it 2 to 3 weeks from now.


-JMKhapra copyright 2013

Your Are My Fairy tale Come True


My heart lay bare. The walls around it crumbled little by little inconspicuously each passing day I was with you. Now, it loves like a child unfamiliar with sorrow or betrayal. Without reservation. Without hesitation. Ever trusting. I delight in the rawness of my emotions. I feel alive. I feel human.

Your heart lay bare. You did not build a wall around it. Ever. You love like a child unfamiliar with sorrow or betrayal. You always give yourself fully. Without reservation. Without hesitation. Ever trusting. The frankness of your emotions killed the cynic in me. It feels wonderful to be alive and to be with you.

To feel like this is beautiful and bitter sweet like poignant lines of a poem. Happiness and sadness, joy and pain add salt and pepper to life. Without it you are dead. Dead inside.

It is a good thing I did not give up on love. I was about to but I met you.
We are so different yet so much alike too. I am perpetually in awe of you.
You keep me whole, together, cohesive, sane. I will be lost without you.
With each passing year our love never faltered. It grows, it soars, it intensified.

If I ever did believed in fairy tales and happy endings then it seems my dreams have finally come true.

-JMKhapra, for my husband on our 6th wedding anniversary.

Copyright 2013