The Real Importance Of Education

“Education doesn’t make you happy. Nor does freedom. We don’t become happy just because we’re free – if we are. Or because we’ve been educated – if we have. But because education may be the means by which we realize we are happy. It opens our eyes, our ears, tells us where delights are lurking, convinces us that there is only one freedom of any importance whatsoever, that of the mind, and gives us the assurance – the confidence – to walk the path our mind, our educated mind, offers.”

― Iris Murdoch

I recently saw the film ‘Iris’, a film about Iris Murdoch’s tragic spiral into the unforgiving disease of the mind, alzheimer disease. It is very painful to watch the life of someone who loved language so much only to lose the capability to use it in the end. Powerfully played by Judi Dench and Kate Winslet. Had me in tears when the credits rolled.

I’ll be searching for her books and I hope I will be able to read as much as I can since she had written a lot!

-JMKhapra 2013