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A page from the book. 🙂

If you want to publish a paper back copy of my book please mail me at If you want me to illustrate for you, you can hire me at Odesk. I have an account over there.

-JMKhapra copyright 2013

My Upcoming Children’s Book On Amazon Kindle

20130913-102520.jpgI am planning to publish a children’s book on Amazon Kindle very soon. It is a book about Babar’s adventures. If I have time, I will make it a series. The first one I am going to upload is about the hullaballoo in the garden with the ladies who came to tea. Here are some sketches for that book. I have painted about 8 pages already and 12 pages more are left. Wish me luck!
If you want to publish a paperback edition of my book please mail me at But as soon as I upload it on Amazon I can no longer give the rights to you. I will probably publish it 2 to 3 weeks from now.


-JMKhapra copyright 2013

A Man Such As He


He looked so strong then, such a commanding presence. Sitting on the ground drinking tea with his peers. His deep sonorous voice resounding with wisdom. Though words were uttered softly, his companions listened intently. His strength is subtle, silent like an undercurrent. Pride swelled up in my heart. He is a man. My man.

That Woman In Red

Where she goes nobody knows. Where she lived nobody dares go. Her backyard was the forest. A secret maze of tall ominous looking trees hide her cottage from the rest. And whenever young Marie would see a dark red diaphanous long dress or a red velvet coat she wears. Her eyes towards the horizon. Her gait confident, oblivious of everyone around her.

“ I want to wear a dress in that color.”  Marie told her mother one day when she saw the woman in the town. She looked suspiciously at the woman. “ Men never marry a woman in red. They want women in pastels.”  Marie frowned.  “But men do sure like women in red.” She remarked. Her mother snorted.  Marie can see men ogling the woman in red. The woman would occasionally  look at the men sideways and the men would have an expression Marie thought indecent.

“She doesn’t have any friends in the town,” Lilian said while drawing circles in the sand with her fingers. Marie copied her and drew a heart and wrote  the name John in it.

“Mother seems to hate her. But father always have a dreamy look every time they would talk about her.” Continue reading