Jonathan Pumpkin


Jonathan woke up one morning and decided to do something different that day even if it’s unconventional. His¬†parents loved him for it.

Written by Dale Macy,  Jonathan Pumpkin One Sock Off and One Sock on, is a tender  and lovely story enjoyed by kids and adults. Everyone who read the book fell in love with the adorable Jonathan Pumpkin.

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Oil Painting for Breakfast

I feel alive. Filled with passion. All day long. All week long. All I have been thinking about are lines, values and colors. I got five canvasses all primed and prepped. Sketches in each one, raw and waiting for dabs of paint. I am ready to lose myself again for a few days. How glorious.

pic 1

Pencil drawing on canvas for an oil painting. Painting no. 2 for the ‘Childhood”¬†series

5 Reasons Santa Should Use Camels Instead of Reindeer

santa hi res title


This is the first  illustration I submitted ( a commissioned work by the founder) for the website of  Journey Beyond Travel, a travel tour company in Morocco. They liked it but decided it is too kiddish for their website.  Below is the revised illustration I sent them which they approved and posted on their website.

santa low res ver 4

First 20 Pages Of Babar And The Wolves In The Forest

Here are the first 20 pages of Babar And The Wolves In The Forest.

The book has 40 illustrated pages. It is a coming of age¬†story ¬†of one dog’s adventure in the hills of the Himalayas. ¬†It is also

a story of friendship  between two dogs, Babar and Sheru.

 Find out  how Babar  learn an important lesson in life after a frightening encounter

with wolves in the forest.

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Reviews For Babar And The Wolves In The Forest

page 9I am extremely overwhelmed by my friends and by ¬†reader’s response to my new book, Babar And The Wolves In The Forest.

Here  are some of my top favorites:

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and from a reader in Goodreads:

goodreadsIf you read the book and want to leave a review and ratings, I would appreciate it,  if you do so at Goodreads. Here is the link to my book there:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. ūüôā