What happens to adorable little puppies when they grow up? They become spoiled and entitled! Our beloved dog, Babar, is now all grown up.  We indulged him a little (okay more than a little) as he was growing up now we suffer for it.

We took him to a lot of beautiful places in Himalayan region, he loves it so much that he goes crazy whenever he sees us getting into the car without him! He feels cheated and abandoned.  My husband and I always feel guilty leaving him alone even if we were just going to a nearby mall. He always looks at us with sad droopy eyes when leave him behind. It tugs at my heart every time!

My friends and other readers enjoyed my first book,  Babar The Naughty, so much that I was encouraged to make another one.

Babar and the Wolves in the Forest is not a children’s book for very young readers though, because of its depth and length. The book is more suited for young adults or if read with parental guidance. It is a coming of age story of a young dog who learned how to accept responsibility for his actions.

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