It’s True My Friend

It’s true my friend, the only love is the one
Which gets love in return.
Everything else is useless, my friend
That hand which clasps another hand
How lucky this hand is!
What of destinations, what of separations
If there is a partner by your side
Whose value is thus multiplied..
This is the one who rules your heart

The earth spins, so does the sky
Having become intoxicated with your love
May your happinesses bloom
May the garden of your heart remain fragrant
May life give you such eternal springtime

This is the call of the heart, my friend
I used to hear how this life
Is just a carnival of joy and sorrow
But I was able to see
That life really was a game
Where some win all, some lose all
Mine, though, is just a tale of having lost all, my friend

* English translation of the poignant Hindi song, Sach Mere Yaar Hai

I’ m loving all the metaphors and similes in these Hindi songs. I wish I can write like that. Sigh.

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