What It’s Like To Have A Two Year Old Labrador


At two year old, Babar still displays his puppy cuteness once in a while but sans his tasmanian devil-like energy which nearly drove hubby and I to the mad house when he was just months old. Our house has resumed its peace and order which in two years I have almost forgotten what  feels like. He also stopped stealing pillows and wrestling with it. I can make up the bed without keeping the pillows inside the closet or out of his reach. I can again display my favorite Indian cushions on the sofa without its guts getting ripped out.
I have also returned my books to a low bookshelf ( almost level to his snout) and arrange it together with some wooden knick knacks we collected during our travels without worrying them being knockdown and chewed to pieces. I even placed some hard bound books on the coffee table without the fear of him snatching it and tearing the pages apart. Oh how I mourn the literary casualties my book collection suffered during one of his manic moments. A book of short stories by Saki lay wounded and spineless somewhere in one of the cabinets. Baudolino by Umberto Eco is defaced, hidden in between his other books.

Outside in the front yard my plants stand tall and growing beautifully, unafraid of being plucked out and dragged to the living room for me to see. The leg of the wooden dining table finally found peace after Babar stopped chewing it. But amazingly his appetite still remains the same. His digestive system seems bottomless or it must have holes in it as his tummy never gets full no matter how many times he fills it.
Babar had developed a habit of waking up in the morning, climbing in the bed and snuggling with hubby. If hubby will not wake up immediately , Babar will put his head on top of hubby’s forehead or in the corner of his neck. I find this adorable but hubby, not so much. Babar also stopped doing his business inside the front yard not even to pee. He is very discreet with his toilet habits and likes to hide in the bushes very far far away from the house and hidden from human eyes.
Eventually the years of ‘training’ we spent on Babar started manifesting on his behavior. He now follows our command, ( most of it anyway) and we are able to release him from his lease when we take him for walks in the parks. He does not run towards random strangers anymore, only to those who greet him.
Although we sometimes miss Babar’s adorable wickedness during his puppy days , we now enjoy a calmer, sweeter and loyal pet with just a hint of naughtiness. And we wouldn’t want him any other way.

Happy birthday Babar!

Copyright 2013 JMKhapra

15 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Have A Two Year Old Labrador

  1. Babar is wonderful! We have two dog-babies–neither of whom have yet reached two years old. They are irreplaceable members of our family 🙂

    1. Babar says “Thank You!”. At 6 months they are cute and adorable except for the teething. Enjoy puppy years. 🙂 we missed it sometimes.

  2. My friend, Ela, from gita4elamats sent me this link cause I’m dog crazy. I love Babar and boy do I look forward to the day that our TWO are TWO because we have things put away just like you and barriers up to rooms and the kitchen. They just can’t be trusted and think EVERYTHING is their toy, as you know. Never mind all that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABAR and so nice to get to meet you here in cyberville. Paulette ps. your paintings are terrific!

    1. Hi Paullete. Nice to meet you too. Thank you! And Thank you for checking out this post! And Babar said thanks as well!:-) yes it is now very pleasant living with Babar haha. But still try to enjoy your dogs puppy years. The experience of being with them at that age is really precious which you will somewhat miss occasionally when they reached adulthood and you will be surprised how fast the years had gone by and how fast they have grown. :-).

  3. haha, happy birthday Babar… naku nais ko lang i share, na parang nahihilig sa pagkagat ng wood ang puppy sa time na kailangan nya mag change ng ipin, hahaha. kapag nakapalit na, nawawala na yung habit nila na mag-ngat-ngat ng wooden furnitures. minsan natuklasan namin ang isang puppy na nakalaylay ang pangil, tawa kami ng tawa, dahil unaware siya na natanggal na pala ang pangil niya. hahahaha.

      1. hindi naputol, sadyang nalalaglag lang. alam mo yun, bihira lang napapansin sa mga puppy yun. hehehe. parang sa tooth fairy.

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