I Killed A Plant Today


I killed a plant today and I feel bad. I was getting confused on what this plant wants. When I took it home from the nursery it looked vibrant and happy. It was a tall plant covered in perky yellow leaves with a blot of green. Now it is all dried up and withering. All along I deceived myself I have a green thumb. How proudly I would announce when a sprout pops out from a seed I myself have sown. But now I doubt myself If I really know anything about gardening.

It is a houseplant you see, so I placed it inside my living room just about three foot away from the main door. Every morning it was touched by a bit of indirect sunlight and I do water it properly. But day by day the leaves turn yellow and fall, its vibrancy diminishing. I thought probably it needed more sun so today I put it out just by the door where the sunlight is falling . But we are at the heights of summer so suddenly all of the leaves turned brown. With an aching heart I took it in and trimmed all the dead leaves. Now here all the bald stems are staring at me accusingly. I killed a plant today and I am sorry.

7 thoughts on “I Killed A Plant Today

  1. I tried to save some orchids this year, and planted 2 avocado seeds, all without result.
    But all other members seems to thrive, regardless of these casualties.

    1. Glad to hear i am not the only one. Hehe. I guess its a hit and miss with some plants. I just dont like it when they wither like that so suddenly when it was really looking lovely and full of really perky looking leaves when I got it from the nursery. I really did something wrong there.

      Orchids are so pretty.My mom has plenty of exotic orchids but they are kind of high maintenance, I don’t even try getting one. She’s an excellent gardener and I beginning to think I am not lol, though most of the house plants with completely green leaves are doing well and so are the other garden plants.

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