Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

I am a mountain baby. I grew up in a community on top of a hill. A cliff on top of a mountain is my sacred place. An borderless space to breathe, to contemplate and to rejuvenate. Some of my fondest adolescent memories are those solitary moments I sat on the edge of a mountain looking down at a small village below. At one particular cottage with a garden of yellow roses, in between mango trees. I remember the air up there was always crispy with a bit of chill. And that the village and the surrounding forest was sometimes blanketed with fog. 20130505-141344.jpg

Now that for many years I became a city dweller I have never been at ease in the plains. If not towards the sea I keep running to the hills.


I love heights. This is at Tanglang la pass at 5300 plus meters in the Himalayas. Second highest motorable road in the world.


An oasis in the desert in Ladakh.

From the top of a volcanic hill in Coron, Palawan.

Fresh water lake on top of that volcanic hill.


Halfway Tungnath Trek in Chopta, Uttrakhand

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