Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


The ‘hippie’ culture is very much alive in Pushkar, a town in the Indian state of Rajasthan.


Pushkar,one of the oldest cities in India (just two and half hour away from Jaipur) is tagged as a ‘hippie haven’ where you can find a large number of local and foreign hippies. According to some they visited the place during the Holi festival and ended up staying permanently.



This man is a Sadhu though, not a hippie. Sadhus are sanyasi, or renunciates, who have left behind all material attachments and live in caves, forests and temples all over India and Nepal.( Wikipedia)



Colorful ottomans with ornate Rajasthani mirror work among some of the arts and crafts that can be purchased on the street bazaar.


A camel ride at Pushkar festival.

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