Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


A street performance at the Indian festival called ‘Surajkund Mela’

This annual festival is a pure delight to the senses as you are greeted with lively and colorful performances and serenaded with folk music while you gape at the beautiful and ornate, ethnic Indian/Mughal decorations all around the amphitheater near a man made lake. This mela showcases the finest handcrafted fabrics, arts and craft from all over India. Also adding to the total Indian cultural experience are the aromas of different Indian cuisine wafting in the air coming from the numerous food stalls in the area.

The festival is named after an ancient reservoir of the 10th century located at Faridabad, Haryana in India built by the Tomar king Suraj Pal of Tomar dynasty; a sun worshiper who also built a sun temple on the lake’s western banks. Surajkund literally means ‘ lake of the sun’ and mela means ‘festival’ in hindi.

Copyright 2013 JMKhapra

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