A Bus Is A Time Machine


In Manila I got on the bus
Bound for Batangas
And I felt I travelled back in time
As the driver played songs
20 year older than I was
when I was fourteen

Where Katy Perry nor Gotye
Has not hit the billboard charts yet

Sceneries framed by the window almost unchanged
Similar to the landscape I passed by
Over and over for more than ten years
Scored by slow rock melody
Looping continuously

I took a peek at the driver
And concluded he was not more
Than five years older than I

He must have been a young man
Who sat in this same bus as I did
Lullabied by the husky baritone of Jim Morrison
To his destination

Out of nostalgia he plays the same songs
And through the succeeding generations
It loops on and on

-Jofelyn M Khapra

11 thoughts on “A Bus Is A Time Machine

    1. Hi Lorena, I’m doing good, thanks! I deleted Facebook, I decided to just keep my blog only. I have uploaded some photos of my new paintings if you would want to see those. Just click the painting category. How are you ? Hope all is well with you as well, ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Jofy,
        A.J. and I finally got married on June 15th. I guess that’s one of the major things that is new. I will check out your paintings and other stories. Take care!

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