Might Be Time To Park My Pen

Each time I attempt to write a tale
A paralyzingly doubt comes over me
Are there more stories to tell
Why would anyone want to hear it from me

I lay awake at night
Thoughts chasing each other
Reviewing what I have written so far
All of them rubbish
not worth anybody’s time

There is one half written novel
Of two friends cruel to each other
In my mind I reviewed the first chapter
And cringed at the sentimentality
Soaking the first paragraph

The male protagonist’s characterization is so wrong
For a reticent man why did I make him squeeze
The heroine’s arm every so often?

And why did Abigail, the narrator of the story
Sounds like a walking Wikipedia
Every time she offers an information
About a place with historical significance?

What is even the point I was trying to make
With this coming of age story?
That even the smartest man will always
Pick a pretty face over an intelligent mind?

If I really think about it
That is not always true
Though not short of suitors
It can also be difficult for a pretty girl
To find a love that is true

Either I re write the whole damned thing
Or it is ending in the bin

12 thoughts on “Might Be Time To Park My Pen

  1. We like to read your stories. You are unique. Although you might write about a plot that is not unique, it is the way you tell a story that makes it unique. You are the totality of all your experiences, and talking and writing are the only ways to get to know you.
    When we read an author, we also want to know how this author thinks, what kind of details are important to her, and which not. Only you can write your story the way you do. The plot is not unimportant, but you make it your unique interpretation. In some way, any story we read is autobiographical, based on unique experiences by the writer …

    1. Thank you Bert. It is encouraging to hear that. I understand what you are saying. But sometimes I question the point of adding one more voice on the deafening noise that is already out there.

      1. A blog is a microworld, with few readers, allowing for first steps and mistakes. Writing can be a liberating experience, but without feedback one might not persevere, and lose a little freedom.
        Whatever you decide, I love reading your stories.

        1. I perceived you to be a thinker and a philosopher judging from what I have read from your blog, so it is not lightly that I say, that I will keep in mind what you had just said whenever my enthusiasm to write fails. Thank you Bert.

  2. Hi Jofelyn.this is an amazing tale ,with beginning climax and pretty good end.l believe we have to look upon things through a clear glasses .Excellent story .I think you will succeed in your endeavors.Thank you for reading my new post (Women…..) best wishes.jalal

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