The Useful Art Of Skipping

“A sensible person does not read a novel as a task. He reads it as a diversion. He is prepared to interest himself in the characters and is concerned to see how they act in given circumstances, and what happens to them; he sympathizes with their troubles and is gladdened by their joys; he puts himself in their place and, to an extent, lives their lives. Their view of life, their attitude to the great subjects of human speculation, whether stated in words or shown in action, call forth in him a reaction of surprise, of pleasure or of indignation. But he knows instinctively where his interest lies and he follows it as surely as a hound follows the scent of a fox. Sometimes, through the author’s failure, he loses the scent. Then he flounders about till he finds it again. He skips.

– Somerset Maugham, Ten Novels And Their Authors

2 thoughts on “The Useful Art Of Skipping

  1. ako na-iinlove kapag nagbabasa, hahaha. sarap naman kasi namnamin lalo sa kapana-panabik na babasahin. ang isa libro napakatagal ko matapos, di kasi sapilitan, basta kung madama ko na ang oras na ako’y uhaw, akin itong biglang huhugutin at babasahin, at i rereview ko pa ang mga ilang pahinang huli kong nabasa, hahaha. hello & smile… (click)

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