The Chilling Incident of The Clock

The past few years leading to that night had been kind of a blurry, hazy, marijuana induced days. Jessica did not smoke pot herself as she felt it did nothing to her but who knew she might have gotten high after all from the smoke that filled her living room every time Carlos, her boyfriend, visited. He became addicted to a frightening degree. He stopped going to work or even to bathe but just went on playing video games while smoking pot.

Carlos had a lot of anger in him. He was angry at the injustice he thought life had given him. Though in her opinion he had led a more decent life compared to a lot of people she knew. His anger, Jessica thought sprung, from his boredom and confusion on what to do with his life. He was born into a rich family but when his father lost his fortune Carlos could not deal living like the rest of the common people. Still he owns a car provided by his father and small unit in one of the posh condominium in the city. Jessica could not see what he was complaining about. It was more than someone like her could ever hope for.

On that particular night when Carlos visited her, he was filled with a lot more rage than usual and he was so high he begun cursing Jesus for all the ills that was plaguing his being. He shouted loudly, with raised fists, challenging the Almighty and daring Him to strike him down at that very moment to prove His existence. Jessica was stunned speechless. It was too surreal for her. She prayed under her breath for forgiveness over and over for her boyfriend’s blasphemies. But Carlos would not shut up.

After sometime she noticed the hands of a quartz mechanical clock rotating backwards. It was almost 9 pm but the hands of the clock were pointing and turning towards 3 pm. Jessica asked Carlos to look at the clock. He stared at it stupefied. He became very quite. She thought she saw him shuddered a little. He left her apartment without a word. She felt a chill down her spine. Carlos crossed some kind of line. Her deeply-Catholic-upbringing instincts were telling her. She did not know if it was some kind warming from the heavens but days after that incident Carlos’ life went into a downward spiral that she seriously thought he had gone insane. He was hearing voices and was having hallucinations. He told her one day he went inside a church, talked to God and he heard God talking back to him, literally. A week after that incident she did not hear from Carlos again. Nor did his family. A month later they found his body inside his car in a parking lot. He died from a cocaine overdose.


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