The Siren and The Water Dog

Cleansing, calming, purifying water I cannot live without. Under the shower or the falling rain what pleasure it gives me. When I left the rainforest where I grew up I would run as fast as I could, whenever I could towards the sea.

Now trapped in a landlocked city for five years I am parched longing for the sea, thirsty for the rain that falls sparingly. Luckily numerous rivers flow snaking and branching endlessly around and along the states.

We followed one up north and reached a river bank with sandy shores. What delight to step barefoot on the sand after a long time! The eager canine, gaga over water like me jumped on the raft with immense enthusiasm, stared at the water with longing and awe.


Unable to contain his excitement a few feet before we reached the shore on the other side he jumped and swam.



His joyful gallop along the river, dipping in the water every now and then, mirrored my own happiness of being near the water again though it is a river not the sea my tense muscles relaxed instantly.The stillness of that reflective surface infecting me. I drew a deep breath and surrendered to serenity. This where I want to be.


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