The Monthly Visitor


Every month a strange possession takes over my body hurling my calm disposition shattering on the wall. Logic and reason fight with the irrational panic rising in my heart. Irritation can reach a fever pitch causing distraction on everything in its path. Depression soon follows after holding me captive further poisoning my sour mood. Tears will then flow freely at the slightest bidding or for no reason at all.

They say it’s a just a myth, no truth to it but my husband knows for sure that PMS is not something to be taken lightly at all. Right ladies? πŸ˜€


18 thoughts on “The Monthly Visitor

  1. As a man, i have to undergo this, …
    I’m always surprised to see the monthly monster …
    And it’s useless to talk back, better go on holiday for a week.

  2. hahahaha, nakaka takot naman pala ang gels lalo pag ganito itsura. hahaha. magtatalukbong na lamang siguro ako. hahahah

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