Lullabies In The Valley Of Dreams


A quaint little village in Sangla

Summer arrived, blazing and crackling. The air sizzled frying at forty-five degrees (Celsius). Fed up with living in air-conditioned existence, we decided it was time to leave the city.

So Hubby, Babar and I with our suitcases packed for a seven-day adventure, drove up and up the mountain chasing some chilly wind.

Narkanda highway
Wall of pine trees in Kufri
Heart-stopping roads in Kinnaur District

The roads tapered off as we were nearing the top, sending some nervous flutter in my heart.

Descending from Rampur, a pleasant drive along the river.
Babar enjoying the breeze. Ears flapping about.
If I have ears that long it will be flapping too.
Climbing extremely narrow roads on the way to Sangla.

 Then it soared when my eyes behold the snowy peaks in the horizons.

The lethal beauty of Sangla Valley at the height of 2800 meters.
Babar passed out after a whole day of driving.

As the sun was setting, finally we reached the camp. The signboard was on the road but darned it the campsite was way down below.

Kinner Camp

Holding my breath while Hubby turned the car around, tires rolling by a hair’s breadth on the edge of the cliff, I was left thinking the camp owners may have some sadistic streak. After enduring the torment of that snaky ascent, they make sure the thrill continues with the roller coaster descent.

Very comfortable accommodation with an attached bathroom ( western toilet and shower) unlike real camping at all.
The valley morning after.
Babar sleeping soundly in the fresh air.
Sharing a cup of chai with hubby.

Waking up the next morning after a very sound sleep, sipping tea in front of the tent with the mighty snowy mountain right in front of me, I was filled with a deep-seated feeling of well being.

Not a soul was stirring from the nearby tents. The silence was pure and sweet. A commune with nature in the truest sense.

The Mighty Baspa River

When Hubby and Babar finally roused, off, we went hiking towards the mighty stream. Furious cascading water thundering down from the melting snow of the northern Himalayan peaks.

The roaring stream.
Babar testing the waters.

The energetic canine run to and pro, going mad with the freedom to leap and bound. Once or twice, Babar braved the icy water and dipped his toes. Oh, how he loved the water! He would swim if not for the turbulent flow.

The water dog.

Lovely Chitkul Valley
Pashmina heaven.
Passing by surrealistic looking roads on our way to Kalpa

Snowy peaks in Kalpa

Days in the camp passed by like a dream. We were lulled into calmness and serenity. All our silly worldly cares momentarily forgotten.

Babar made a lot of new friends in the camp.
Little girls who were very fond of Babar.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order.
-John Burroughs


52 thoughts on “Lullabies In The Valley Of Dreams

  1. O my! What wonderful photos, and what an amazing adventure for you! Where did you begin the journey? How many hours did you drive to get there? Did you stay in the same camp the whole time and travel each day from there? Would love to get there one day…”Snowy Peaks in Kalpa” is just superbly beautiful. Going to look it up on the map right now. 🙂
    with love light and JOY

    1. Hi Jen. Thank you. This is the place I was telling you about. 🙂 It is in HP also. We started from Delhi. Stop over at Shimla / kufri for the night and took the route going to Spiti in the morning. It took us 9 hours from Shimla to Sangla. Yeah, we stayed in the camp for five days and went from there to Kalpa and Chitkul in one of those days. You should include it on your IT on your next trip to Ladakh we did not like Kalpa as much as Sangla as it is more crowded. 🙂

      1. I checked the map and NEXT year I am joining a group of people who are taking a jeep trip to Ladakh and will be going to Kullu and Spiti so perhaps we will get to Kinnaur also. Don’t know yet. But after seeing that tent, I can’t wait to get there!! 🙂 THe trip will be for 2-3 weeks so should be wonderful.

  2. … we were in Manali 2 weeks ago, and i wanted to go further to rothang pass and then to … wherever, but we didn’t make enough time. … next time i will do that

    1. Manila is a pretty place but I find it too overcrowded at times. The drive to Ladakh and Sangla will be a bit tiring for your little girl but it will be worth it. Those are amazing places one shouldn’t miss when visiting India. 🙂

  3. Nakaka-excite at nakakatakot din ang iyong naging biyahe papuntang “valley of dreams”, ang mga bangin na iyong daraanan, nakaka-kaba, lalo iyong road “carved” sa mountains. Kitang-kita ang pagkamangha ni Babar. 🙂

    1. Akoy kadalasang Hindi humihinga pag malapit sa bangin. Napaka bilis pang ng mga sasakyang kasalubong namin. Sanay sa ganoong daan. Pero nung makarating sa Ganda ng paligid ayaw ko na bumalik sa siyudad na pagka init. 🙂

      1. parang pakiramdam ko sa tuwing ako’y bibiyahe mula sa siyudad patungo sa lupang tinubuan, ang sarap ng pakiramdam, at sa tuwing magpapaalam para bumalik muli sa siyudad, ay isang sulyap ang naiiwan sa paglabas sa tahanan patungong bakuran. hmmm, at hihinga muli ng malalim, mag-iisip kung kelan muling magbabalik at sana’y magpipirme (settle).

    1. Thank you! He did enjoy the trip very much. We want to go to Nainital but we don’t know where is the best place to go specifically and if there are pet friendly hotels over there. Would love a suggestion if you are from there. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your fabulous trip. Well chosen photos very descriptive, made me feel the experience seeing Babar liking it and enjoying the friendly attention a loveable dog.

    1. thank you. and one from Babar as well. 🙂 there are so many interesting places in India actually that Sangla is easily overlooked by visitors in the country.

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