Sweet Release


“ I was in love with you for a long time.” She said quietly.

“ What?”

“ That’s why I broke up with Carlo. The three of us constantly in each other’s company was a torture.”

Stunned, he remained speechless.

“ I knew the moment I told you, you would lose interest in me. You made your self believe you loved me. You wanted to  be like Carlo. But you’re just fine the way you are. In the end I loved you more than I loved him.”

He could not speak. How could she read him so clearly?

She leaned forward. He felt her lips touched his.

“Forget me. She whispered.

Her breath was like a benediction,  releasing him from his self inflicted torture.

He closed his eyes. When he opened them again she was  already walking towards her new husband. He hugged and lifted her and before kissing her, he saw  her husband’s eyes  resonating the adoration he felt for her.

For the first time he was happy.  He was happy for her.  He was trapped in a dream for a long time. It was a bitter sweet dream and it was well worth the pain.

 He did knew it was the romance of wallowing in perpetual misery for loving a woman he could never have, that got him stuck in this phase. He thought it was poetic. But really it was just pathetic.


12 thoughts on “Sweet Release

    1. Hi, the highlighted realization of the protagonist means, he actually relished the pain he felt from his unrequited love for her and chose to remain in that state until the woman pointed out to him he was not really inlove with her but only wanted her because she was unattainable to him.

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