Self Righteous Rantings

My ears are smarting from your self righteous ranting. Your keyboard is thundering from your passionate pounding. Hurling criticism here and there. But your words fall flat. Resounding with jealousy and insecurity. Broadcasting your own narrow mind. I think you just better shut up.
“Self-righteousness is much like a spiritual egocentricity. It constitutes a secular type of love that thrives under conditionality, one in which is only existent after an individual meets the adopted standards of the condemner.”
― Criss JamiSalomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

19 thoughts on “Self Righteous Rantings

      1. minsan kasi nagmumuni-muni ako kasi syempre, feeling ko tama ako sa lahat ng bagay.. pero sinasaloob ko lang kasi pakiramdam ko marami akong makaka-away kapag nagpaka bibo ako eh… hindi naman bawal ang magpaka righteous di ba? hihihi

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