Unhappy Faces



Your crumpled countenance hurt my eye. It pierced me like rays of broken glass. Instinctively I lifted my hand to shield my eyes from your surly gaze. It was a pleasant saturday morning a pleasurable time to walk my dog. What great misfortune running into you just coming out the gate. A smile forming on my lips halted by a sour face. Why was your nose crinkled in such a way? I know it’s not me, I don’t roam around without taking a shower first! Perhaps you don’t like my dog? He is the most adorable of all canine! (for me at least) Did your day started so bad you want to spread the gloom all around? Is your life so miserable the sparkling sunshine on top of trees you cannot appreciate? Or is it my chinky eyes you do not like? ? If the situation is reversed and you are the one visiting in my country I would be inviting you over for tea! Or coffee. Whichever you like. I know you were thinking I’m from Northeast, if that is so wouldn’t that make me an Indian too? Did assaulting me with your scowling face elevated your status over me? What does it matter where I’m from. I am doing no harm to you. Just another soul making the best of everyday. Next time we meet I have one request. I will not ask you to smile at me but please just don’t injure me with the fierceness of your condescending stare.

21 thoughts on “Unhappy Faces

  1. The hate is not sometimes as bad as the sarcasm can be. People tend to loose the sense of equality and sensitiveness of the human heart in progressing upon the demeaning of equal beings. Pathetic I would say.
    You did get the feel absolutely perfect.

    1. Sometimes it is the fear of the unknown that makes people become prejudice against each other. I understand that but still it hurts me everytime I face such attitude towards me. I am sorry for the late reply. I didn’t know why your comments ended in spam box. Good thing I checked it.

      1. consist of same line din, ayun nga lang may bonuses na mga comments from blog friends. maligayang paghahanap.

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