Fairs Are For Cattle Or Craft But Not For Art

I lent this photo of my painting, Surujkund Mela, to a friend. Although I call him an art snob he has some very interesting things to say about art and art fair.

unfashionably fashionable

I was amused to hear the term Art Fair. I just couldn’t digest the idea. When you think of a fair you imagine a scene with lots of people, hustle -bustle, noise and selling.

Two of my favorite fairs are SurajKund Craft Fair organised in a sandy, semi forested area in the outskirts of New Delhi and the other a Cattle Fair, held at Pushkar in the desert state of Rajasthan. As for me the concept of Art Fair compares Art to Madhubani paintings selling laid on the ground at Surajkund fair. It is not that I don’t like those. I love most of the crafts at this fair except the Tanjore paintings or wood inlay work. I find those too garish.

A visit to this fair is not only about appreciation for those crafts. Many people go there with their kids who only spend their time going on a…

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11 thoughts on “Fairs Are For Cattle Or Craft But Not For Art

  1. pag nakakakita ako ng painting, hinihipo ko talaga, gusto ko lang makita ng malapitan at gusto ko rin madama ng aking mga daliri (fingertip lang), tapos tsaka ko titignan ang painter o ang gumuhit. Tapos titignan ko ulit ang kabuuan, at magsisimulang mag-imagine ng pakahulugan. ka-Enjoy.

    1. Yaan nga talaga ang magandang paraan sa pag papahalaga sa likha ng sining. Hindi dekorasyon na sinusulyapan at dinadaan daan lamang kundi ninanamnam ang kahulugan Kung meron man at Kung wala yung lamang naramdam an sa tag lay nitong kagandahan. Salamat muli. Magandang Araw sa iyo. 🙂

      1. kung minsan lamang may mga pinta na di pinahahawakan kasi masisira daw, ang ginagawa ko nilalapit ko ang mga mata ko, hehe. bawal kasi madikitan. ang mga paintings mo, “magaganda”.

  2. If they call it an Art Fair then they should focus on the art. It’s hard to blame people going to the fair to have fun. No problem withthat. I go to the fair to connect with the community; recognize the crafts men and women, the farmers, the animal raisers and of course, photographers and painters. Fairs should provide visitors with that awareness.

    1. I think he ( wickedtongueman) is merely opposed to idea of the paintings being herded together in large exhibitions without giiving due respect and attention the work of art deserve.He is not against any fair but rather againsts art organizers treating works of art as a piece of furniture for commerce sake. He is very passionate about art and it insults him that this activity is becoming a common practice. 🙂

  3. sana may mata ako para sa art.. pero ang galing talaga kapag ikaw ang may gawa jofelyn… ang galing.. nakakamangha… hindi ko na pinuntahan yung site ng friend mo.. tinignan ko lang yung gawa mo.. hihihi…

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