The Agony of Letting Go

painting by Jofelyn M. Khapra

From the womb of her imagination all the Rajasthani girls are finally born. Resplendent in their vibrant dresses ready to live a life of their own waiting for the final coat of their glossy completion.

With the brush ready for the finishing glaze, the creator hesitated. The pain of separation already keenly felt. How can she let go of her babies whom she nourished with ambrosial hues in every stroke. Her brows contorted worrying about their destiny. Would they end up with an art loving couple or at the hands of a cold heart art dealer.

In what kind of house would they reside, she wondered. Would they hang comfortably above a warm fireplace to be contemplated upon. Or neglected gathering cobwebs in a dusty corner. Heaven forbid that they be nailed to a wall in a busy restaurant. Not a glimpse would come their way perhaps only absentminded stares accompanied by a cacophony of chomping jaws. She dreaded to think her girls displayed among the ornaments in the cold walls of a hotel. Just another piece of furniture.

A museum would be a fitting home for them where eyes who can, will really see them. But that’s too grand a dream for such humble beginnings. No, she can’t predict what kind of life her girls would live. Sighing, she abandoned the final stage of creation for the time being, trying to hold on to her girls a little while longer.


38 thoughts on “The Agony of Letting Go

    1. For you I will make an exception. πŸ™‚ for you see Mr. KHapra who is also in charge of selling my paintings do not agree on the idea of gifting a painting since it devalues the artist. But since you are my childhood friend I will keep something aside for you. πŸ™‚

      1. hihihi will treasure it ate… It wont be devalued sa akin dahil alam mo yung worth mo sa akin πŸ™‚

        sabi ko, kahit wallet size lang, ok na ako hihihi…

        Ilalagay ko katabi ng mga medalya πŸ™‚

        Salamat! Salamat! πŸ™‚

          1. basta isipin mo na kwento lang yan ha.. karamihan ay hindi totoo… baka kasi isipin mo totoo.. kahit may hint lang ng katotohanan.. pero ang totoo ay hindi ito totoo.. slight truth lang ng katotohanan.. yung totoong storya ay hindi talaga totoo…

            1. Totoong nahilo ako sa sagot mo sa daming ng totoo. Totoo talaga! Sige Hindi ko iisipan na totoo talaga konti Lang tulad ng kwento tungkol sa encounter mo isang she-man. Yung inception na naging constipation. Lol.

  1. superb painting and writing! You are extremely talented. Could sit here all day reading more of your stories but need to get on with my day at the mmoment. Will be back for sure!!!
    with love light and JOY πŸ™‚

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