Unfinished Creation



The Rajasthani girls are impatient to be born. But the creator pauses, arms tired and fingers aching. Outside a torrential cloudburst is pouring. The dog wakes up and begs for a tummy rub. The kettle is whistling. The brush goes back in the bottle and on the table the palette is discarded. The dog stretched and followed the creator in the kitchen. The unpainted Rajasthani girls grumbled seeing that they are now forgotten. ” Always the pretty ones get chosen first in everything.” With arms akimbo the girl in the center complained.


9 thoughts on “Unfinished Creation

    1. Hahaha! They do haunt me and won’t let me be. They are itching to be born and live a life of their own. Almost done with the last coating. Will put up the completed work very soon. Thank you.:-) it’s amazing how you draw horses. I’m struggling with drawing horses since I don’t have the opportunity to be around them long enough to study them. The only animal I paint is my dog. He is only too happy to model for me. 🙂

      1. Thank you! It’s the only thing I used to draw when I was growing up and I have spent a lot of time around them and also studied their anatomy and physiology. I am hopeless with people though…will have to work on that one! I guess it’s all about practice!

  1. The left girl really catches the eye but the girl in the center is pretty as well, why the complaint. The right girl looks the oldest? Ooops, sorry. 😀

      1. Yup, the left girl does look like the “middle girl”, the “in-between girl”. But I can see why you put the complaining girl and the confident girl together. 😉

        Very Illustrative! Very Well Done!

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