A Remorseful Succubi

Illustration by Harry Clarke

Beauty and youth. What a dazzling combination. To bewilder and to sparkle. Days filled with sunshines. And men worshipping at her feet. Love was a game she played with wanton and mischief. Never lacking in affections and adorations. Long curvy limbs draped in elegance gliding across the room. Luxuriant tresses falling on her shoulder, parting in the middle concealing a corner of her dark smoldering eyes. Her red pouty lips in a half smile. Who can resist her? A waft of her perfume caressed the cheeks of those she passed by. And she is never forgotten.

She preyed on men for their vanity. Narcissism drives these fools to pursue her relentlessly. Remorse for these men she had none. Most often the ego was shattered more than the heart. But once or twice in her wild abandon innocents were trampled upon. Usually unsuspecting girlfriends. Occasionally she is left to wonder what are these fine women doing with this kind of men. And there was one in particular she could not forget. Christina was her name.

Christina was an intelligent woman from a decent family and she was not that bad looking. It was her big misfortune to be preyed upon by an incubi. The same incubi who once had slain the heart of this regretful Lilith.On their web of lies, deceit and vengefulness the poor girl was caught in. The succubi in her worst waggishness tromped the wide eyed waif. What tears at her heart was that in an unforeseen incident Christina had become her friend. But remained clueless of what was happening. As their friendship grew so did her admiration. A heart so pure she had not known before. Unsullied thoughts, beautiful and forever hopeful. But the game she was playing was in a feverish pitch. Seething with malice and hate a beautiful thing she had forsaken to get even with Christina’s demon of a boyfriend. When she was done the devastation was worse than World War One. Christina was left shaken and broken. Turning to her with tears in her eyes. ‘ But why? Why?’ How can she explain in a way a gentle heart can comprehend? Nobody messes with a succubi without consequence. But revenge was not in Christina’s nature. This she could not understand. ‘ Once a wise man said, ” An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.’ and with those words she bade goodbye.

Now that youth is gone and beauty had faded there is calm and dullness in her days. She longed for Christina and her sweet ways. A true friend she never had and she is sorry to have hurt the one who deserved the least. The one whose only fault was that she wore her heart on her sleeves.

” An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.’
-Mahatma Gandhi


5 thoughts on “A Remorseful Succubi

  1. sad….

    Why do some people play with others, like mindless puppets, on the palm of their hands? Unwilling victims of the vain? Unconscious worshippers of mortal beauty?

    I always wonder why…

    And there are blinded persons who just let themselves fall prey… maybe its because of naivity or these are just plain pure and simple hearts beating as the situation presents itself…VULNERABILITY at its best….

    Heck, vengeance is not in our nature and its never ours 🙂 Let heaven decide on that …:)

    1. Accusing fingers points to primal instinct again. The eye beholds, the heart responds before the brain can comprehend. It’s an enigma that is repeated over and over again. Different plots, different characters but the ending is the same.

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