The Shepherd’s Masterpiece

“There is a ghost up that tree.” said the shepherd. The sheep beside him looked up as if to say, ” So let it be how does it bother us.” With many sheep in the area, there was hardly any grass left for grazing. This particular sheep with the fluffiest wool was grazing on a lone yellow flowered plant. But one can’t really call it grazing as it was so gentle with the flower it was more like kissing.

The shepherd had let this sheep grow its wool without shearing it for last three season. The fluffy wool reminded him of one rockstar’s hairstyle whose name he could not even recall properly. There was a stick in the shepherd’s hand forked at the other end. He suddenly realized it and scratched a few lines on a moss covered rock in comfortable reach of his stick.

Not stopping he went on to write his name, drew a few symbols like at the rate sign, an exclamation mark and dot, dot, dot. Got up and went to the other side of the rock to continue his masterpiece. His pants became green at the back because of moss.

He added dots for eyes to the faces of the human stick figures. It was a scene from the Garden of Eden. Adam, Eve and the snake. He added two small circles for breasts under the angular arms of the figure on the right distinguished the characters.

Holding on for sometime and poking at the drawing, he murmured to himself.

” The best line in the drawing is the ess shaped snake hanging in between Adam and Eve.” Ess shaped snake. Snakes has to be named as snakes and not with any other name, starting with some other letters like aar or kay. Their shape is so much like the letter ess. He thought there is always a particular reason for anything to be given that particular name.

*This piece was written by my husband. I asked his permission to share it here. He is one of my inspirations in writing and painting.


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