Of Men And Stupidity

” Men are so stupid! ” A friend had declared while slumping on the chair of the cafe. She sounded like it was the first time she had that realization. I checked my watch. Judging from her tone this chat over a cup of coffee would take a long time.

” Husband problem? ” I asked. But I already knew the answer. She really didn’t need much encouragement. She nodded and started with the litany of complaints against her husband.

“Actually it’s not only my husband. But I think men in general. Like this ex boyfriend of mine. He sent me a message on facebook asking to be friends. So I thought okay yeah what the heck. But every time I get online he would IM me talking about things past. How he missed me and how sorry he was to have let me go. And how he had not able to find another woman like me after. He was not the only one. I mean when you were with them you gave them love, attention but they were too preoccupied to value it at that time. And after you’ve grown tired of waiting for them to come around then they smart up and chase after you as if they still have the right to. I mean, even after you’ve move on they still think they have access to your feelings when they’ve given up that right long time ago when they were too stupid to value you. Stupid I tell you. He said he is happy for me blah blah blah. But if he is happy for me then why can’t he just stay away and be happy from a distance ? Why does he feel the need to stir up old feelings? Stupid I tell you. ” She paused and sipped her coffee. I can see her eyes squint in irritation through her spectacles. ” Finally I had to dropped him in FB.” She added.

I started to say something but she cut me off. She was only warming up. ” Well, now this husband of mine, I love him, really I do. And I am devoted to him. But will he also wait for me to lose interest in him and move on before he realizes that he is taking me for granted while enjoying in the bask of my devotion ? ” She sighed.

” You know me.” She added and I nodded. I do.

” Once I get over someone. I move on very well.” That she does and I quite envy her ability to do so. It springs from the fact that when she loves, she gives all and fully. So that when it did not work out she doesn’t regret much. Especially when she has gone over and beyond to love the man she’s with. She’ll just shrug and say ” Well he was stupid he didn’t know what he had until it’s no longer there. And I don’t like being with stupid people.”

” You spoiled them too much.” I said. When she paused. I’ve said this a million times before also. But that’s just her style.” Men likes challenges, even if you are married. Chasing after a woman is some sort of foreplay for them. ” She smirked at this.

” Most men feel they don’t deserve to be loved. So if you love them so much. They feel there must be something wrong with you. So your value goes down. So when you dumped them you confirmed that belief. So your value goes up.” I concluded.

She looked at me triumphantly. ” Well, isn’t that stupidity?”

I looked at her in disbelief. I was trying to convince her to look at things in a different perspective and try to understand male mentality. But instead it only served to prove her point.

We started laughing. Come to think of it. It is sort of stupid actually. In whatever way you look at it.


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